Addressing 3 big problems with huge Social Impact

Stubble burning in northern India has
long been a major cause of air pollution

Stubble burning is causing multiple problems including but not limited to affecting the soil fertility, causing environmental pollution, loss of essential nutrients serious threat to human health including breathing problems, allergies and asthma.

India being a energy deficit Country, per capita energy consumption of India is about one-third of the global average. Though India accounts for around 18% of world’s population, it uses only around 6% of the world’s primary energy. The Government of India has set a target to grow the natural gas demand from current 6% of energy share to 15% in 2030, of which CNG will contribute about 75-80% of the demand.

Increasing Demand of Green & Clean Fuel

Declining Soil Carbon

Indiscriminate and imbalanced use of the chemical fertilizers and low addition of organic matter is reducing soil health impacting crop yields and farmers incomes. This may increase desertification which is already at 25%. The carbon content of Indian soils is far below a healthy 5% due to imbalanced use of chemical fertilizers. The Government plans to reduce consumption of Urea by farmers to 50% by 2022.