About Us

Farm Gas Private Limited has been incorporated in December, 2019, with the vision to provide a cost-effective and economically viable solution for organic waste issues. We aim at converting “Waste to Wealth” by envisaging the development of novel indigenous technologies for the conversion of agro-residue and waste into Bio-CNG for transportation and Bio-Fertilizer for agriculture.

Our Vision:

To build the best renewable energy producing company using Farm waste / residue in India.

Our Mission:

  • To produce Farm Gas Bio CNG by utilization of Farm Waste, Farm Residue and Energy Crops.
  • To produce and market Bio Fertiliser for Agriculture to make this farming free from harmful impact of chemicals.
  • To reduce the cost of cultivation to make farming affordable for all.
  • To provide sustainable, affordable and accessible green renewable energy to society.
  • To significantly increase the Farmers Income.
  • To contribute to a clean and green environment and address the problem of stubble burning.

Our Values:

  • Collaborative
  • Ethical
  • Innovative technology solutions.