Biogas Plant

Farm Gas Pvt. Ltd. Biogas/Bio-CNG plant at Vill: Ghungrali, Tehsil: Khanna is India’s 2nd Biggest plant as per the output capacity of the plant.


  • Bio-CNG: 12MT/day
  • Bio-Fertilizer: 30MT/day


  • Zero Discharge Plant
  • Start-up India Project
  • Methane Purity of More than 98%
  • Bio-Grinding  & Bio-Extrusion Technology for Pre-Treatment of paddy straw.
  • CSTR Technology with Anaerobic Digestion
  • Pressure Swing Adsorption Purification Technology
  • Bio-Generative H2S removal system
  • 5 Stage Compression of Biogas from 0.4 bar to 250 Bar
  • SCADA integrated plant